What health considerations should I have while in Africa?

First, please see your doctor regarding vaccinations, Malaria and other health issues. Prescription medicines are permissible.
African authorities are very strict concerning prohibited drugs.
Please make sure you take proper care and preparation for your trip. It is important to be in good health. Your travel insurance should have sufficient medical cover.
Drink only bottled water and make sure it is sealed when you buy it. Wash your teeth in bottled water. Make sure food is cooked properly and eat only fruits that are still in the skin. Avoid eating at open air stalls or markets.
Safari vehicles carry first aid kits and there is access to medical facilities and evacuation if needed.
Use mosquito protection such as long sleeves, sprays etc. In lodges most rooms are sprayed early evening. Tell the desk if you don’t want this.

Is there Telephone and Internet coverage in Africa?

Most African countries have coverage and you can buy a local Sim card and credit very cheaply. Most hotels have internet even some very remote ones. But there is no guarantee and it is best to make important connections in the major cities before going out on safari. Check hotel charges before connecting.

What if there is political unrest?

We keep up to date on a daily basis with news in the countries we frequent. You may also visit http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/ for up to date information. There is a facility on the site to register your whereabouts and travel plans , which is a good idea!
Your safety is paramount with us and we make sure alternate plans are available if we consider an area unsafe.

Who are the people accompanying us on tours?

Our tour guides, drivers and liaison staff in countries of destination are all highly trained and experienced. They are also excellent English speakers. A list of contact details will be provided with your final travel itinerary for back up.

What kind of clothing do I need?

You need nothing different than what you need at home, unless you are taking a Kilimanjaro climb or a Gorilla trek. If there are any special requirements for a safari you’ll be directed as to what to bring. If you are coming from Australia the weather will be similar. A good pair of walking shoes is a good idea and a warm jacket.
Comfortable clothing according to season is the general rule.
Please remember modesty is also a general rule in Africa. Please respect local customs and dress habits.

Do I need an interpreter?

No, most African countries teach English in schools unless they are French speaking, and even in those countries English is generally understood.

Photography..Is it permissible?

Naturally photography is a major reason for travelling in Africa. You will be welcome in most places. If in doubt, ask. In villages you should ask permission to take pictures. Near Government buildings , instillations or Army facilities it is not permitted.

Am I safe from wildlife while travelling in National parks and reserves?

Your tour operator in the country of destination will brief you on arrival about safety in the parks. Unless specifically allowed you must stay in the vehicles in all parks and reserves. Vehicles either have open sides or pop tops, which allows you wonderful views and photo opportunities. Animals generally leave vehicles alone and drivers are very familiar with what is safe. If you are concerned don’t hesitate to talk with your driver about it. If you are interested tours can be arranged where you can safely walk in the conservancies , ride horses and other open air activities.